Source code for jnpr.junos.factory

import yaml
import os.path

from jnpr.junos.factory.factory_loader import FactoryLoader

__all__ = ["loadyaml", "FactoryLoader"]

[docs]def loadyaml(path): """ Load a YAML file at :path: that contains Table and View definitions. Returns a <dict> of item-name anditem-class definition. If you want to import these definitions directly into your namespace, (like a module) you would do the following: globals().update( loadyaml( <path-to-yaml-file> )) If you did not want to do this, you can access the items as the <dict>. For example, if your YAML file contained a Table called MyTable, then you could do something like: catalog = loadyaml( <path-to-yaml-file> ) MyTable = catalog['MyTable'] table = MyTable(dev) table.get() ... """ # if no extension is given, default to '.yml' if os.path.splitext(path)[1] == "": path += ".yml" return FactoryLoader().load(yaml.load(open(path, "r"), Loader=yaml.FullLoader))